Popular in Style Product Warp Knitted Elastic Outstanding Webbing for Clothes

Introduction Warp knitted fabrics are widely used in the fields of clothing, decoration and industry. With the continuous development of fiber technology...

Product Details

Jacquard elastic fabric is soft, feel is smooth, good gloss, air permeability and vertical sense is good also, and not easy to fade, jacquard pattern is novel, stereo sense is strong, variety, the logo is clear, can increase the added value of products, can also enhance the brand image.It is widely used in clothing products and is closely related to people's life   


Jacquard elasticities are widely used in the clothing industry, usually the cuffs, bras, skirts, trousers, shoes and some sporting goods, which can also be used in medical bandages.Of course, there are also some baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, wedding dresses, etc.Many products in life are used and widely used.        


It is mainly used for the aesthetic function or functional function, and is often used in bags, clothing, shoes and hats as accessories.Carefully observed, the carrying capacity of the general luggage is the ribbon, the bag and so on;The elastic bands commonly used in pants are also woven.                                               

The function and characteristics of nylon ribbon

The most commonly used varieties in the ribbon are the inner package and the outsourcing side.It is mainly used for handbags, bags, outdoor supplies, children's supplies, camera belts, wallets and printing packaging industries and products.

It is mainly used for inner bag edge, and the thick nylon bag edge is used for external bag edge, not wrinkle easily.Ordinary package sideband Mainly used for package edge, packet sideband multi-purpose in fine leather goods, high-end bags, sleeping bags, tents, clothing bag edge and decoration, package sideband generic button used in sports shoes, such as reinforcing functional purposes.Polyester bag side band is softer, more for soft cloth bag edge.

Nylon ribbon and polyester ribbon is usually the most commonly used to two kinds of material ribbon, feel is similar degree is high, many customers have headaches on identification of material, so how to tell is both accurate and simple?

Usually the simplest method is to use fire to determine the material of the raw material from combustion.The nylon ribbon cannot be reignited directly, and when burned with a lighter, it will burst into white smoke when it is melted and dripped.The polyester ribbon is used for burning, dropping and blistering, and can be reignited, and the smoke is black.The above is simple and easy to weave the method of weaving, it is better to choose other warp, weft, more accurate.

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garment  bag shoes




coil winding


3000 meters




Environmental protection


Can be customized

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