Various Color Top Quality Thick Elastic Ribbon for Home Textile

Nice tensile elastic webbing made in seven colors This colorful elastic tape is made of polyester/nylon in high tenacity and durability by Qingdao Haichenxi Textile Co.,Ltd

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jacquard webbing 

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garment  bag shoes




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Old time a document used to seal a document.Refers to printing patterns or patterns on textiles and other things.It means a pattern or pattern.Refers to stamp duty.Refers to stamp duty ticket.A special kind of printed matter that is sold by the government and attached to a contract, a voucher, etc.The pattern printed on the top of the fabric (there are clothing activity printing, discharge printing, burnt-out printing, glue printing, etc.). 

In the same way, silica gel can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel according to its properties and components.It is divided into extruded silica gel and molded silica gel according to its composition.Inorganic silica gel is a kind of high activity adsorption material, which is usually used to react with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid, and it is produced by a series of post-processing processes such as aging and acid bubble.Silica gel is a amorphous substance whose chemical molecular formula is mSiO2.NH2O.Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical properties stable, except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid not react with any material.Different types of silica gel have different microporous structures due to different manufacturing methods.Chemical components and physical structure of the silica gel, determines it has many other features of similar materials difficult to replace, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, has high mechanical strength, etc.Organic silica gel is a kind of organic silicon compounds, refers to contain Si - C keys, and at least one organic group is directly linked to the silicon atoms compounds, habits are often those with oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc organic base connected to the silicon atoms compounds as organic silicon compounds.Among them, polysiloxane, composed of silicon oxygen bond (-si-o-si -), is the largest group of organosilicon compounds, the most studied and the most widely used, accounting for over 90% of the total dosage.Extruded silica gel is more common, such as the sealing ring on the rice cooker of household, called the electric rice cooker silicone sealing ring.The moulded silica gel is a bit more complicated, with irregular shape, including silica gel bowl, silica gel ice cube, silica gel cake mould and so on.

Compared with machine fabric and weft knitting fabric, warp knitted fabrics are relatively stable in terms of structural stability.Woven fabric is made of warp and weft yarn, which has the edge, and the warp or weft can be pulled from the edge of the cloth;Weft knitting fabric is woven from a set of weft threads, which have the reverse dedivergence and the coil of the cloth can be detached from the fabric.The warp knitted fabric is woven by many roots into yarns, and adjacent yarns trap each other, so the structure is relatively stable.In the structure of elastic (elastic) produced by fabric structure, the structure of the woven fabric warp and weft elasticity are small and the structure of the warp and weft elastic weft knitting are big, the structure of warp-knitted fabric warp and weft elastic somewhere in between.

Generally speaking, there are usually two ways of classifying warp knitting products.One is classified according to the use of warp knitting products;One kind is classified according to the warp knitted fabric formation method, structure and performance characteristics.

First of all, according to the use points, we usually divide the warp knitting products into clothing and warp knitted fabrics, decorative fabrics and industrial warp knitted fabrics.Garments are used for underwear, garments, sports clothes, swimsuits, headscarves, socks, gloves, etc.Decorative warp knitted fabric has our common window screening, curtain, antependium, tassel, bedspread, sofa cloth, table cloth, carpet, wall cloth, and other furniture, decorative cloth, pillow towel, bed sheet, bed nets, bath towel, towel, etc.Industrial warp knitted fabrics including car cloth, mesh, fishing nets, conveyor belt, hose, tank insulation cloth, filter cloth, cloth, parachutes, seedlings, forest protection, nets, tents, geotextile, gauze, bandages, hemostatic, artificial blood vessels, etc.

This is also the most commonly used classification method of warp knitting products.This classification covers the application domain of the warp knitting products.In recent years, the development speed of China's economy and knitting industry has just confirmed this point.From the beginning of the 1980s, to the present, the variety of products and application fields of our products are constantly expanding.The products have been widely used in many fields, such as clothing, home textile, car interior, industry, architecture, etc.

And in some areas the advantages of knitting products become more prominent.According to statistics, by 2009, zhejiang haining lightbox cloth manufactured by enterprises in the industrial park, geogrid national market share reached 80% and 40% respectively, some products have been used in the qinghai-tibet railway, shanghai-hangzhou expressway and other national key construction projects.And, for example, haining is one of the leading suppliers of wind power and producers in the world with its multi-axial fiberglass fabric.

In addition to the usage points, there is another kind of classification that is adopted more.That is according to the warp knitted fabric formation method, structure and performance characteristic cent.Generally divided into:

Tricot fabric: garments, shirts, sports clothes, headscarves, clothing linings, beach clothes, casual clothes, pajamas, etc.

Elastic warp knitted fabrics: such as elastic underwear, swimwear, tights, sports clothes, gym clothes, ski clothes, etc.

Jacquard warp knitted fabrics: such as window, tablecloth, sofa back, armrest, bedspread and decorative clothing fabrics.

Carded fabrics: such as dress lace, comb curtains and fashion fabrics.

Mesh warp knitted fabric: such as building safety net, agricultural protective net, military use hidden net, shade net, etc.

Axial warp knitting fabric: such as geogrid, lamp box cloth, coating base cloth, helmet, body armor, wind turbine blades and aircraft fuselage, etc.

Double knit pile fabric: sofa fabric, car seat fabric, toy plush, acrylic blanket, cotton blanket, artificial fur, carpet, etc.

Warp knitted spacer fabric: such as a substitute for sponge products, reinforced structures for composite materials, sportswear, safety protective clothing, and filters in the medical and geotechnical fields.

Double needle bed fabric: such as elastic bandage, packaging bag, tights, gloves, briefs, artificial blood vessels, etc.

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